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Moxie's Diner

Check out the Moxie's Diner, cook delicious dishes and just have a great time!

Get ready to place your order, taste delicious dishes and sing along to the jukebox jams in Moxie’s Diner!
Join Moxie, Winston and Drew as they have a groovy time cooking.


Grab the Ingredients you need for the dishes from Baskets. Where can you find the Baskets? Almost everywhere – Bingo rounds, Seasonal Events, Quests, Chef Class benefits, Purchases and more!
You can also trade certain Ingredients with your Friends!


There are different types of Baskets, which get progressively unlocked as you complete dishes and categories. Each basket is unique and contains a different amount of Ingredients of varying rarities.


Didn’t you read the latest magazine? Growing your own fruits and veggies is IN!
Grab that shovel and watering can and watch those little seeds become beautiful, green plants! Don’t forget to water them often.

PLUS members have the Auto-Drencher ON – simply plant the Ingredients and leave the watering to us! Just come pick up the “fruits” when they’re done growing.

The Double Drencher Booster is here for you if you need those Ingredients fast! The amount of water is DOUBLED and you can collect them in half the time! WOW

Pantry Passes

One ingredient away from cooking that dish? No worries, the Pantry Passes are just the thing you need!
Use them to get a missing ingredient from your Pantry.
There are three different types of Pantry Passes:
– Bronze – you can get any Ingredient up to ** Rarity
– Silver – you can get any Ingredient up to **** Rarity
– Gold – you can get any Ingredient, including Special or Moxie ones!


Put on your roller skates and slide the menu to the waiting booths.
What’s on the menu?
Three main categories, each with it’s own unique dishes! With each dish made, Credits and Chef Points make their way to your balance!
The coolest Grand Reward awaits when completing all 3 categories!

Special & Winston Dishes

Drew and Winston will roll in from time to time with classy recipes! They bring along extra sensational rewards, so don’t miss out on them!

So, are you Blitzers ready to skate along Moxie’s Diner?

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