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Watching you socialize and have fun is our favorite pastime. That’s why we love giving. By giving away Bingo Blitz freebies, we keep the party burning bright, even after you run out of your daily credits.

If you’ve been wondering how to get free Bingo Blitz credits, you’ve come to the right place. In fact, this is the only legit website to collect Bingo Blitz bonuses. Don’t be fooled by other sites that promise Bingo Blitz Cheats. If you’re not getting yours from us, then they aren’t real. This page provides the answer to anyone asking themselves, “Where can I get free Bingo Blitz credits?”

How to Collect Free Bingo Blitz Credits?


In order to collect free Bingo Blitz credits, just visit this site or our Bingo Blitz Facebook page. We believe that it’s important for you to know that there are no cheat methods to get free Bingo Blitz credits that actually work. However, we’ve got some great news! You don’t even need a Bingo Blitz hack to get free rounds of your favorite bingo game. Searching for Bingo Blitz cheats for collection items won’t get you very far, but a quick visit to our social media pages on Facebook will earn you some massive free Bingo Blitz credits and other goodies.

What Can I Use Credits For?


Being a Bingo Blitz bonus collector means being able to continuously play your favorite bingo game. Anyone who has ever played our game knows that our unique social experience makes it easy & fun to keep playing. Keep the conversation going by checking back frequently for free Bingo Blitz goodies.

Perhaps the greatest part about earning Bingo Blitz free credits is the simple fact that you get to keep playing! Once you play a single round of our game, you’ll see why so many people are on the lookout for free Bingo Blitz credits for Android and iOS.

Can I Gift Free Credits to Friends?


Absolutely! Bingo Blitz is all about making new friends and sharing the game experience together. That’s why we created a way for you to send your friends credits right inside of the game. Send your besties bonuses and request free Bingo Blitz bonuses from them in return. Exchanging in-game gifts with friends is one of the best ways to earn free Bingo Blitz credits.

As you meet new friends across the globe, you’ll see there’s no need for a Bingo Blitz credits cheat. The more friends you make, the more likely you’ll be to have a constant stream of BINGO POINTS and Bingo Blitz credits.

Why You Should Avoid Credit Generators?


There are many reasons why you shouldn’t use a Bingo Blitz credit generator -- the most important reason being that they are illegal. With so many great ways to earn free credits, there’s no reason to take the risk of working with an illegal operator not affiliated with Bingo Blitz or our parent company Playtika.

The only place to collect free Bingo Blitz credits legally is right here and on our Facebook page. We offer our community free credit coupons on a regular basis, without having to deal with any third-party scammers. By offering free credits through official channels, we encourage our players to stay safe and avoid being taken advantage of.

Are you ready to start earning free Bingo Blitz credits? Start playing today and experience the most amazingly social and ridiculously fun bingo game ever created.



How can I get free Bingo blitz credits?

Our players can get free Credits every day!!! Free Credits can be earned from Daily Bonuses, Daily Spins, or Daily Freebies in the Gift Store. Credits can also be won by playing Bingo rounds, or completing rooms, quests & mini-games. If all of that isn’t enough, you can even get free Credits with Gifts from Blitzy, your friends, and the Facebook community!

How do you get more daily credits in Bingo Blitz?

Complete Map rooms to increase your daily Credits and add to your bonus amount.

How do you win at Bingo Blitz?

Just BINGO (see how do you play)

How do I contact Bingo Blitz support?

We have an incredible 24/7 customer support team, therefor any issues or topics our players may have.

We would love to hear from you! You can reach us at

Is Bingo Blitz rigged?

The gameplay in Bingo Rooms is with real players ONLY, from all over the world. There are no robots or hidden mechanics.

What can you do with coins in Bingo Blitz?

Coins can be used in mini-games between Bingo rounds to win Credits & Power-Ups. They can also be used in any of our many Slot games, or spent in occasional raffles to win other great prizes!

Can you win real money on Bingo Blitz?

NO, Bingo Blitz is free to play game!

How do you play Bingo?

Bingo Blitz brings the classic Bingo game, previously associated with playing in big Bingo Halls, to the comfort of players’ homes. Bingo Blitz has taken a beloved game and elevated it into something dynamic and unexpected. Bingo Blitz is very community-oriented, and players can interact and chat between or during Bingo rounds with other players from all over the world!

The great thing about playing Bingo online is that it’s one of the easiest games to learn, and playing requires very little effort, if any at all.

New Bingo games begin every few minutes so the wait is never long.

  • Select a Bingo Room (there are several different rooms to choose from). Each one offers its own unique style of Bingo game
  • Choose how many cards (1 to 4) you want to play with and on which boost
  • Wait for the game to start. You’ll notice a countdown timer indicating how long until the next round gets underway
  • Once your game begins, all the details you need to play will appear in an info bar on top of your cards. Each number that is called during the game will appear at the top, along with the different ways you can win


The prizes and the earnings announcement is unique and private to each player, and takes place at the end of each round.

Is Bingo Blitz gambling?

NO, Bingo Blitz is not a gambling game. There is no real money in the game, and the game is free to play! Bingo Blitz contains optional in-app purchases and does not offer 'real money' gambling, or an opportunity to win real money or prizes based on gameplay. Playing for success in this game does not imply future success at 'real money' gambling.

When did Bingo Blitz start?

The story of Bingo Blitz began in 2010. We were founded in Santa Monica, CA, and since then, we have grown to become the #1 free-to-play social Bingo game in the world! Bingo Blitz hosts over 1 million active players every day on social networks and mobile platforms.

Who Owns Bingo Blitz?

Bingo Blitz is owned byPlaytika - A pioneer in the games industry since 2010. Playtika creates disruptive gaming experiences that are reshaping the gaming landscape using cutting-edge technologies in Live-Ops, Data Analytics, and Performance Marketing. As a digital entertainment powerhouse, Playtika processes over 6TB of data daily. Headquartered in Herzliya, Israel, Playtika has over three thousand employees in offices worldwide.

Can I play Bingo Blitz on my mobile?

Yes, you can play Bingo Blitz on all platforms (web and mobile).